Big Gay Travel Road Trip! Driving Equality in 100 days with Chris and Chris!

Driving Equality is a 100-day, 16,000-mile, 48-state 35 city  trek across America to collect stories from LGBTQ people in an effort to raise awareness of the various forms of discrimination faced by our community in each state of the nation. Highlighting the differences in rights, laws, and amendments between the states will shed light on the current social standing of queer individuals today. I hope to create a dialogue about the disparities across the nation, and what can be done to end discrimination for all.

The guys (Chris and Chris) hit the road this past Sunday and began their trek across America!
The van is packed full of film equipment, camping gear, clothes, food, books, a bullhorn, a guitar, and a mini buddha; everything one needs for a 100-day road trip / queer film project. We are off to a good start and excited to be on the road. For the next three months we will be experiencing the country in a way that will allow us to understand the progress being made, and the discrimination faced, by LGBT people across the nation.

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