Gay Dubai? David Fisher Brings Rotating Building to Dubai and Russia


While it may not be very gay in Dubai, it certainly has become one of the most visually stunning cities in the world!  I SO want to go there, just  to see it! 

I have had a couple of friends go and say that it is just amazing – and if you look hard, and are discreet, there are a few gay gathering spots.

At any rate, my friend was telling me about the David Fisher Dynamic Tower Buildings.

Dynamic Architecture or Dynamic Tower design was announced by the Italian architect David Fisher last summer. This is the world’s first building in motion. The first of these innovative skyscraper designs are going to constructed in Dubai and Moscow.


The design and floor plans of the rotating building in Dubai (Da Vinci Tower) will have 80 floors and be 420 meters (1,380 feet) tall. Apartments will range in size from 124 square meters (1,334 sq ft), to Villas of 1,200 square meters (12,916 sq ft) complete with a parking space inside the apartment.

 Fisher’s Dynamic Tower is the first building in motion that will change its shape and add a fourth dimension to architecture: Time. The shape will be determined by each floor’s direction of rotation, speed, acceleration and the timing; with timing meaning how each floor rotates compared to the other. The rotation speed will be between 60 minutes and 24 hours for one revolution.

David Fisher also announced that the second Dynamic Tower planned for Moscow is now in the advanced design phase, with pre-assembling of the units to start soon and completion scheduled for 2010. The developer is the Mirax Group, headed by leading international developer Sergei Polonsky, The Moscow tower, which will have 70 floors and be 400 meters (1,310 feet) tall, will be located in Moscow City area, the new prestigious part of the Russian capital.

The Rotating Tower of Moscow will be one of the most exclusive world residential buildings and become the new icon of the Russian Federation.


The world’s first building in motion, takes the concept of Green buildings to the next level, generating electricity for itself with a possible surplus for other nearby buildings, making it the first skyscraper designed to be entirely powered by wind and sun.

With wind turbines fitted horizontally between each rotating floor, an 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbine systems, making it a true Green power plant. While traditional vertical wind turbines have environmental and social effects, including the need for roads to build and maintain them plus their noise and obstruction of views, the Dynamic Tower’s wind turbines are practically invisible and extremely quiet due to their special shape and the carbon fiber material of which they are composed.

The Dynamic Tower offers infinite design possibilities, as each floor rotates completely independently to create a building design that is constantly changing shape, resulting in a unique and ever evolving architectural structure, like no other.

 Watch the video presentation of Dynamic Tower!