Historic Castles of Europe

Skibo Castle in Scotland. With prices ranging from $1800-$2000 per night (for non-members). It’s an ‘exclusive’ members only club. The annual membership fee is around £4000 and each night spent on the estate costs around £600, including certain activities and meals. The castle  hosted Madonna’s wedding to Guy Ritchie  in 2000.

Ashford Castle  in Ireland can run you $350 – $2000 per night. Ask anyone in Ireland to name the best castle hotel — in a country with as many castles as shamrocks — and they’ll cite Ashford without hesitation. The 700-year-old estate, opened to guests in 1939, is one of the oldest castle hotels in the world. A room with a view? Ashford defines it, perched as it is on the shores of Loch Corrib, Ireland’s second-largest lake.

                                        HOTEL PODEWILS in Krag is a must see at $75-$125 per night. The largest 15th-century knight’s castle in Pomerania and Poland’s only castle built over water, the “Castle of Flowers” is perched on oak piles like those supporting the canal buildings of Venice. The stylish interiors and the use of modern technological solutions link together tradition, modern facilities and convenience.