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Pattaya Gay TV is now online!

We did an article on  GAY PATTAYA THAILAND back in the summer. And it’s a very popular gay vacation spot for many. Pattaya is located about 2 hours drive South of Bangkok, or about 90 minutes from the new airport. It is well known for its beaches, and the “sun/sea” image, but far more renowned for its reputation as “Sin City”.

The latest internet guide to promote gay life in Pattaya and Thailand is now available online –
The channel hopes to re-create the atmosphere of gay events held in Pattaya and to broadcast them to share with everyone.
The reports will also be rebroadcast by partners worldwide in their own networks and channels.

As part of their service to the gay community they would also like to hear from you if you have ideas for future TV programs.
For more information visit Pattaya Gay TV.

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