What Color is Your Brain? Travel Smarter, Stress Less, Pack Better, Enjoy More!

Are your traveling companions soap opera divas or members of The Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Is prep
aring for your vacation like baking an old family recipe or
reading directions for a computer program?

You will wonder no longer, when our guest blogger, Sheila Glazov, offers you tips, from her latest book, What Color Is Your Brain: A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others.

heila’s book and personality profile simplifies the complex nature of your character traits and talents, and explains why your perspectives differ from the viewpoints of others.

Understanding the people you
are related to or must relate to when you travel,
will be a “No Brainer.”

Glazov’s theory is: Everyone is a blend of the four “Brain Colors.
Her research shows
that, of the American adu
lt population:

                  35 to 40% are “Yellow Brain” Responsible Planners

·                  35 to 40% are “Blue Brain” Flexible Helpers

·                  10 to 15% are “Green Brain” Logical Problem solvers

·                  10 to 15% are “Orange Brain” Fun-Loving Risk-Takers

Yellow Brainers: Save their money for a well-planned vacation. They prepare their clothing, organize their equipment and pack their suitcases in advance for their excursion. They value all-inclusive destinations or tours that have structured and scheduled activities.

Blue Brainers: Consider the people, not the price tag of trip. They enjoy helping everyone gather their belongings for a family vacation. They love picturesque destinations, with a homey atmosphere, where they can later capture their memories in a scrapbook.

Green Brainers:
Develop a precise travel budget. They utilize an “only the essentials” packing system. Their preference is traveling alone or with a small group on historical or educational tours. They reserve accommodations that offer privacy and technology.

Orange Brainers: Splurge on and during their vacations. They pack at the last minute for their spur of the moment getaways that offer adventure and a variety of activities. Their accommodations do not have to be fancy, but must provide entertainment and fun.


Additional information:

·                  To learn more about Sheila, her workshops, books and blog  SHEILA GLAZOV.


·                  Sheila Glazov is an award winning and internationally recognized author, personality type expert, professional speaker and educator.

·                  10% of the royalties from the sale of Sheila’s books is allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).