Jamaica and their Homophobia is Back in the News Again


Come to Jamaica,  Man!

Tropical paradise?

Not so much!

Come and get bashed
is more like it!

Jamaica and their  homophobic attitude  is in the news once again. Our blogging buddy and award-winning journalist Lyndon Evans ran a piece today about Jamiaca’s Homophobia.

In a recent gay quarrel, one gay man attacked another. But the hospital in Jamaica tried to say this happens all the time  amongst the gays and it is rarely a hate crime against the gays.

Thats a  lie. Most Americans  think of Jamaica as an island of happiness, home to marijuana and Bob Marley. Few realize that Jamaica is actually home to rampant homophobia that isn’t even remotely veiled. Attacks on homosexuals on the island are not limited to verbal assault; Jamaican homosexuals often face very real violence if they come out of the closet, with nowhere to turn.

Just last month  a community called McGregor Gully in East Kingston, Jamaica ordered all gays to leave their community by October 30th – The homophobes said they won’t stop until their community is “gay free” and those that do not leave will have to “suffer the consequences.” 

“According to the residents, the main problem is a local hangout that is frequented by lesbians who ‘kiss, hug, and even touch each other.’ And the community’s anger is directed mostly at those lesbians, though any gay men who reside in the area are also expected to leave. The residents say they will not stop until their community is “gay free” and are not afraid of resorting to extreme measures, though they would not explicitly say what those measures might be.”

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