Gay Space Travel – One Step Closer For Mankind Thanks To Richard Branson

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Outer Space Travel with VIRGIN
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Now it is one step closer!

As Britain’s most visible showman-entrepreneur unveiled his latest creation in the southern California desert this week – a giant fantasy of a flying machine that promises to take tourists out of the Earth’s atmosphere into outer space as soon as 2011 – everything was in place for the aviation equivalent of a glitzy Hollywood premiere. Except the weather.

The Guardian reported, “What he didn’t have, though, was the kindness of the elements. The temperature hovered somewhere just above freezing. Driving rain gave way to howling winds of 50mph and even the occasional flurry of sleet and snow.

VIP guests and “future astronauts” – the 300 or more people who have pledged $200,000 (£122,000) each for a place on board SpaceShipTwo and the chance to boldly go where only a handful of professional space travelers have gone before – were gracious and filled with excitement, nonetheless.”

Branson claims their technology is 50 years ahead of NASA’s. Burt Rutan, the engineering genius who figured out how to build a craft that could re-enter the atmosphere “carefree” without the need for nerve-rackingly precise piloting by either humans or computers, was also on hand.

“This is the sexiest spaceship ever,” Branson declared, mustering what must have been his last few drops of enthusiasm.

Governor Schwarzenegger and Richardson each broke a champagne bottle over the ship’s nose, bestowing upon it the name VSS Enterprise (pure Star Trek, as Virgin Galactic acknowledged), then retreated for the evening.

It’s  really  all a bit amazing that this project is finally a reality – in under 5 years!  Not that we ever doubted the fruition of a project backed by a  man such as Richard Branson. The guy is an iconic  legend of our time!


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