Gay New Years Eve From Around The World

New Year’s Eve is hyped as the party of the year, and consequently, trying to ensure that it will be a great night can be stressful. Why is there SO MUCH emphasis on this one night??

 Everybody has had at least one New Year’s dud, where plans didn’t materialize as expected and the final countdown ended up taking place in a lame bar, or worse, stuck in a car or taxi, trying to get somewhere at Midnight!!

It starts around Sydney and travels time zone by time zone around the globe like some sort of well-coordinated pre-planned pyrotechnic explosion.

SYDNEY. Take your choice – party on the water, party on the bridge or party in a pub. The first major city to celebrate the coming of the New Year is also one of the best. How good is Sydney? The fireworks end at 12:15 but the celebrations last until dawn.

Top Tip:
Wear black. That’s the wardrobe color of choice for social Sydneysiders.
It’s summer so pretty warm, but have a light jacket handy.

San Francisco, CA Perhaps the greatest of all American cities, San Francisco doesn’t hesitate to let its hair down on New Year’s — literally. The town’s huge gay community is influential in setting the New Year’s party vibe, as clubs stock their December 31st lineups with burlesque shows, drag queens and DJs obsessed with Cher and Madonna. Salsa dancing parties abound, and the city’s “street crawl” features the usual mix of fireworks and revelry.

New York City – Perhaps the epicenter of the US  on New Years Eve. New York City is still the place to be on New Year’s Eve. New York remains the control center for celebrations across the continent, which is why hundreds of thousands of people will pack themselves into the colorful Times Square to watch  Dick Clark possibly, Ryan Seacrest for sure, count down the seconds until the ball drops.  As with everything else in New York, you’re sure to find entertainment for New Year’s, whether it’s the corner pub or cabaret or the sweaty confines of hot clubs uptown, midtown and downtown.Touch Nightclub is a new club in the heart of Time Square. Club TOUCH promises to be a celebrity filled party on 3 levels.
Weather: Usually COLD!

PRAGUE. One of the world’s most beautiful cities attracts people from throughout Europe because they know a great party when the see one. Prague is an awesome place to play anytime and on the Big Night it literally explodes. That’s because the Czechs just love fireworks. Wander in and out of the many pubs and cafes but at midnight go to Old Town Square or Charles Bridge. Climb the hill to the Prague Castle or the “Stalin statue,” where the fireworks are launched for an overview of the whole crazy scene. Prague is unbelievably inexpensive; your crowns go a long. long way. Czech it out!

Top Tip:
Watch out for flying fireworks of every size and description.

The average temperature for January is -1.3C (30F), so it’s cold. This makes quick jaunts into the many cafes a requirement.

IN  LONDON,  you have your choice of  a  BEARS AND BIG  BLOKES  New Years  Eve at the Eagle ,  or  maybe  something on the KINKY side. Kinky Trade brings together 3 big promoters…Trade, Juicy and Lovechild for a wild evening with lasers, pyrotechs  and more.

MATINEE LONDON  will provide a spectacular  after-hours  party for the late night owls who just can quit celebrating. Starts at  5am and runs thru the early afternoon of New Years Day!  Read more at Patroc London.

The ball is dropping; the champagne is popping. Grab your goofy hat and ring in next year with a rockin New Year s Eve party.

I think I will celebrate quietly with friends!