Is Your Carry-On Bag Safe While You Are Sleeping?! No, Just Ask Cybill Shepherd’s Son Cyrus

The 22-year-old son of actress Cybill Shepherd has been arrested for allegedly stealing from fellow passengers on a recent flight. 

CAN YOU IMAGINE?!  That takes some big balls. You close your eyes for a  little nap and some crack head is going through your stuff!

Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim, a University of Pennsylvania student, took a Canon digital camera, leather make-up case and cash from the bags of people aboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco, according to police.

He was taken into custody after the flight landed at Philadelphia International Airport.

Police say witnesses identified Shepherd-Oppenheim, who is known as Zach – short for his middle name Zacariah – as the person who took their belongings during the six-hour flight.

He will have a court appearance next month, for the charges.

As for Cybill, she recently attended Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s “An Evening With Women” in support of gay and lesbian marriage rights. In California’s last election, it is said that Proposition 8 was passed which resulted in gay and lesbian rights to be nullified.
Her passion is to keep fighting for their rights which she believed to have derived from Martin Luther King’s assassination.

She has actually been very busy lately. She appeared on several episodes of  EASTWICK, and has  5 movies coming out

Gosh, mugshots  are never  pretty….