Michael Lucas Will Be Your Gay Travel Guide to Tel Aviv

Gay porn star/director/producer
Michael Lucas

is about to add tour guide to his resume – the head of Lucas Entertainment announced on his website that he is going to start taking groups of tourists to Israel.

Lucas writes: “It is no secret that Israel is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and I travel there at least twice every year to visit my favorite parties, restaurants, historical monuments, beaches, resorts, and most importantly, all of the close friends and wonderful people I have met throughout the course of my travels. What I love about Israel is that it is extremely modern while maintaining such an amazing and diverse sense of history: You can be in urban Tel Aviv, one of the most gay-friendly cities on earth, surrounded by skyscrapers, and then drive 40 minutes to ancient Jerusalem and see craftsmanship and architecture that is over 2,000 years old. It is incredible!

Although I am uncut, I’m 100 percent Jewish. I was born to a Jewish mother and a Jewish Father (his name is Bregman—can’t get more Jewish that). I’ve been exposed to anti-Semitism in Russia, and so, I’ve always had a warm place for Israel in my heart (and groin, have you ever seen those Israeli men?). It makes me happy to think it has a warm place in its heart for me.”

Lucas promises this will not be your typical tourist’s look at Israel – evidenced by his description of the tour’s planned trip to Gaash Beach. “This is the premiere clothing-optional beach in Tel-Aviv known only to insiders. You can feel free to lie in the sun as nude as you’d like, enjoy the ocean, or feel free to watch any number of hot guys have sex up and down the shore! I have traveled all around the world and never encountered a beach like this one.”

Two packages available to choose from.
There is now a 9 day tour for $2755 and also a 12 day tour for $3790.

Launching the end of May 2010, the inaugural two-week tour brings visitors on an extensive journey through the breathtaking nation of Israel, personally accompanied by Michael Lucas. Lucas has partnered with top experts in the Israeli tourism industry to contract the best amenities for the trip, including licensed guides and luxury hotels. The premiere group will visit notable historic sites, numerous restaurants, beaches, and resorts, along with several other locations that provide for the experience of a lifetime.

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