Gay US Tourists Lured to Brighton England

Brighton and Hove City Council

is teaming up with Visit Britain to be featured in gay advertising campaign and a website.

As an island nation, Britain has always had a love affair with water, and nowhere is this more evident than in the beautiful city of Brighton. Dubbed ‘Soho by the Sea’ it has been a flamboyant and extravagant destination  ever since the Prince Regent decided to make it his home away from home in 1823 and is today Britain’s second largest gay community.

The council’s tourism arm says it wants the city to retain its status as the UK’s prime lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) destination.

Councillor David Smith said: “Being part of this campaign places us firmly on the international LGBT travel map.”

The council says research on the LGBT market in the US shows gay and lesbian travellers are planning more overseas trips in the coming three years.

According to the research, the UK tops the list of potential destinations, with Brighton often seen as part of a two-centre holiday combined with London.


Mr Smith added: “We’re constantly looking for ways to grow new markets for the city.


“We have a brilliant LGBT scene in terms of entertainment, culture and venues.

“The council is doing all it can to help those businesses thrive and the visitors to have a good time.”

The City of Brighton & Hove acts as a magnet for lesbians and gay men from all over the world attracted to its bohemian atmosphere, open minded attitudes and raffish air. Brighton has now long been known as Britain’s number one gay resort.

Kemptown is known as the ‘gay village’ and has a thriving and diverse scene ranging from leather workshops, pink parlours, and techno clubs, to specialist boutiques, hotels, estate agents and kickboxing classes.

Brighton’s LGBT Pride festival will mark its 18th year this year.

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