Gay Travel Gay Marriage in Provincetown This Summer

     Summertime is just around the corner!

And so is the busy season in PTOWN! And many June Brides and Brides and Grooms and Grooms will tie the knot is Massachusetts again this season.

Recognized by PlanetOut for five consecutive years as the #1 resort destination for the LGBT traveler, Provincetown has led the pack in same-sex weddings since Massachusetts became the first US state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004.

From fabled sand dunes and seaside bonfires to world-class dining and shopping along Commercial Street, Provincetown offers boundless natural beauty coupled with a quaint and historic downtown, which was recently recognized as a “Dozen Distinctive Destination” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Since the 1920s when artists, writers, playwrights, poets and bohemians flocked to the beaches every summer, Provincetown has been known as a vibrant and diverse artists’ colony, as well as the birthplace of modern American theatre. A sampling of 20th-century artists who’ve worked and found inspiration in Provincetown: Hans Hofmann, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Milton Avery, Edward Hopper, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Norman Mailer and Michael Cunningham.

A “town of firsts,” Provincetown is the site of the Pilgrim’s first landing in the New World and the signing of the Mayflower Compact, which some consider to be the birth of democracy. Additionally, Massachusetts is the birthplace of marriage equality, as it was the first state in the US to legalize same-sex marriage.

Thanks to a process introduced in 2009, extended license hours (open 5 days/week and late every Friday during the summer) allow in-state and out-of-state couples to get married over the course of a long-weekend.  A full explanation can PROVINCETOWN online.

From casual, intimate gatherings on the National Seashore (lit by bonfire) to a host of cottages, historic B&Bs, world-class restaurants and public parks, monuments and historical sites, Provincetown offers venues for every taste and budget.

The Numbers:

Same-sex weddings up 20% from 2008 to 2009

Since same-sex marriage was legalized in 2004, there have been more than 2,500 same-sex weddings in Ptown (about 92% of all marriages) .

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