Gay Polo Tournaments in Florida and California this Month!

Three years ago Chip McKenney
 launched the Gay Polo League because other gay groups bored him — gay lawyers associations and gay business associations, to name a few.

 Since then, the Gay Polo League has blossomed into an international organization — the only known gay polo league in the world — with four chapters: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and one it established in Wellington, Florida,  two months ago.

We are an athletic, adventurous, dedicated and fun loving group. GPL™ members represent a cross section of ages, abilities, professions and physical types. Some of us have been riding for years and some of us never sat on horse before joining the league. Our common ground lies in our shared desire to meet and engage with other gay men and women while enjoying the challenging and beautiful sport of Polo. We are the Gay Polo League.”

On Saturday April 3rd, the first International Gay Polo Tournament will take over fields at Grand Champions Polo Club Palm Beach. Four teams will play, culminating in a championship game at 3 p.m.

“It’s the first event of its kind — that’s huge,” said Mason Phelps, who runs an equestrian media company based in Wellington. “It’s even more important that we’re doing it in Wellington. It’s another venue, another audience.”

More events  in April  in  Los  Angeles!