Iceland Volcano Grounds Gay International Travelers at Dallas Media Trip This Week

What does the Iceland Volcano
and Dallas Texas have in common?

We were just talking about Iceland and gay marriage  2 weeks ago –  now Iceland has taken over the top news stories.

We just got back from an amazing International Press Trip in Dallas, this past Sunday. The Dallas Tavern Guild  and various sectors of city flew 9 journalists from all over the world out there and showed us an amazing and informative 5 days and nights.

Three journalists were from overseas, and two of them are still grounded in Dallas because of the chaos the Iceland volcano has caused all over Europe. 

Jens Burnicki   from Exit Magazine  in Germany and JD Van Zyl  from Leeds, UK, both got an unexpected extended stay in Texas. But thanks to good old southern hospitality, the guys have made lots of friends and staying with nightclub owners in Dallas and I am told, tomorrow have plans to head to Austin Texas. Hey, as long as they are grounded, they might as well enjoy Texas!

Luckily for  Alex Bernardes  with  VIA G  Magazine in Sao Paulo Brazil, he was cleared for take off with the rest of us Sunday. Alex, by the way, will be doing some guest posts for us soon talking about Gay Pride in Sao Paulo, which is the BIGGEST in the world. 

Dallas was an amazing time and we’ll be covering the city from different angles  and  perspectives. We were so impressed by the culture, restaurants and nightlife, we are excited to share all we learned with you, in coming months. 

Hope you get home safe soon guys!

Michael  Snell  and  Derrick  Sorles
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