Timeshare Relief Helps Timeshare Owners Get Out of Timeshare

The economy has affected everyone in the last few years, and timeshare owners are no exception. To buy a timeshare was once a novel concept – it was an exclusive form of vacation ownership.

But with a glut of resorts, soaring maintenance fees, no timeshare resale market, a hard to sell timeshare, the idea of fractional ownership was no longer appealing.  A timeshare’s value is tied to travel habits and location. And, when owners’ circumstances change, they can sour on their properties and look to resell.
Timeshare Relief, Inc.™ was started in January 2004 by two former timeshare owners: Cindy Martin MacMillan and David MacMillan. 
Cindy and David bought their timeshare in 1999 and quickly found out that a timeshare contract stopped making sense!  They tried using their timeshare by following the rules and making an effort to make their reservations in advance, however with their busy schedules and four children, it proved to be difficult to find a week where they wanted to go, when they wanted to go.

Also, the maintenance fees were unexpectedly increasing, and that was something they did not anticipate. Their troubles were compounded when they tried to sell their timeshare  through a well-known “listing company” but received no offers or buyers, despite paying a hefty advertising fee twice. They couldn’t get rid of their timeshare.  
After speaking with other timeshare owners, Cindy and David realized that their experiences were all too common. That is why Timeshare Relief, Inc.™ was started: To provide RELIEF to dissatisfied timeshare owners. Not only do their clients NEVER receive another timeshare assessment or timeshare maintenance fee billing, they are also provided with a financial solution that saves them money.  This Guaranteed Timeshare Relief Solution© will completely and permanently terminate their client’s entire ownership of their timeshare(s), and terminate all future financial responsibilities regarding their timeshare(s). Title transfers are handled by professionally licensed, bonded, and insured title agencies. 
It’s hardly paradise for people selling their timeshares as complaints about resale companies are increasing. If you have tried tosell your timeshare  through a listing company with no luck, your Timeshare Relief, Inc.™ Team is ready to help you. Your timeshare must be paid in full and your current Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments up to date. Timeshare Relief DOES NOT charge a Listing Fee, Advertising Fee or Appraisal Fee promising to transfer the property once a “phantom” buyer is secured. The transfers are handled by the undisputed industry leader in freeing families of the obligation of their Timeshare contracts.  

TRUST – Timeshare Relief has gotten the stamp of approval from many organizations including The Los Angeles Business Journal, D&B, American Resort Development Association and the Better Business Bureau. Plus, hundreds of happy clients !
“We are so grateful to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our company Timeshare Relief, Inc.™  
We started our company in January 2004 after our personal experience was not the slice of paradise we thought it would be. Our story began in 1999 when we took our four kids on a family vacation to Las Vegas. We were promised gifts if we attended a 90-minute presentation. Despite our mutual agreement not to buy “anything,” we walked away from the tour as owners of a $17,000 timeshare. Our family tried using the timeshare many times, but with a list of rules and restrictions, it proved to be impossible to schedule a reservation. 
The maintenance fees kept increasing and our frustration was mounting. We tried to sell the timeshare, and even tried giving it away and many other unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it with no results. We started researching and realized that many families were having the same experience. We opened up our doors to Timeshare Relief, Inc.™ in 2004 and now have helped over 38,000 timeshare owners providing guaranteed financial relief and peace of mind. We invite you to call us at 800-588-1582 to discover about our Guaranteed Timeshare Relief Solution ©. 
Best Wishes, 
David and Cindy MacMillan

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