Gay Pop Art – Pop Life Exhibit Brings Warhol and Haring to Ottawa Canada this Summer!

National Gallery of Canada
in Ottawa  welcomes Pop Life!

From June 11 to September 19, 2010, the
National Gallery of Canada will be home
to the controversial exhibit Pop Life: Art in
a Material World
featuring works by Andy
Warhol, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring
and many

It has been shown at the Tate Modern
in London, and Ottawa will be the  ONLY North
American stop on the tour

Pop Life: Art in a Material World explores the complex relationship between contemporary art, marketing, and the mass media that has evolved since the 1980s when Andy Warhol’s uttered his provocative maxim that “being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.”

The National Gallery of Canada (NGC) is the sole North American venue for this unprecedented exhibition, which features more than 250 paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, videos, installations, multiples and other ephemera produced over the past three decades.

The exhibition begins with Warhol’s notorious provocation that “good business is the best art.” Marketing and publicity provided a means for Warhol to engage in modern life beyond the confines of the studio, the gallery and the museum.

Rather than simply representing or commenting on mass-media culture, Warhol deliberately infiltrated the publicity machine to cultivate an artistic persona. By performing as a partygoer, model, television personality, paparazzo and publisher, he harnessed the power of the celebrity system and expanded his reach beyond the art world and into the wider world of commerce.

Pop Life then looks ahead to the work of a number of artists who, like Warhol, have openly engaged with the cult of celebrity and unashamedly championed the idea of turning public attention into aesthetic notoriety and financial reward.

Ottawa is an open, friendly and welcoming destination for gay and lesbian travelers. And August 20-29,  is their Capital Pride/Gay Pride celebration week which attracts about 50,000  people! 

Plan to visit then and enjoy Gay Pride and the  Pop Art showing!

POP  LIFE is Organized by Tate Modern, London,
 in association with the National Gallery of Canada

Please note that some rooms contain explicit
and graphic material not suitable for children.

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