Gay Travel in Guangzhou China with Johnny Rico


A few months ago, Johnny Rico found us thru Facebook and our Travel Blogs. For a young gay man, he is very well traveled. He is about to embark on a 12-week life-changing experience to Guangzhou China – not known to be a big gay mecca! In fact, he tells us many bars get shut down quickly there. China is a huge and very diverse country. Gay activity is tolerated in a very few places (mainly large cities) but the political scene in China can mean rapid changes in official attitudes. The authorities have recently admitted that gays and lesbians do exist and have begun working with gay groups in a very limited way.

Johnny is taking an internship there and excited about what the summer holds for him!

They are Crazy to let me in!


I am a 21 year old college traveler. I study abroad and do internships in other countries in order to enjoy other types of people and lifestyles. — I will let your mind think up the details that are linked to the word “enjoy”.

I spent three months in Chile in 2008 and 6 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina last year. Just imagine the amount of damage you would want to do in that city if you were to have your own apartment in Argentina, an excellent mug and a big “young” appetite for sex.

So I did and my life experiences have made a lasting impression on my intelligence. But Argentina and Chile were not enough for me. I need more…and I DESERVE more. Which is why I used my witty charm and killer smile to land me a 12 week internship in Guangzhou, China.

What matters to me  is the experience and the new things that I will learn from the whole experience. Isn’t that what life is all about. Learning to Live. Learning how to take the best things from life and live in them. It’s our life, learn what you love and surround your life in it because your only here for so long.

So come along for the ride and live vicariously through me. I will be posting blogs throughout my trip. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about taking advantage of the times that you pass up. Learn to live.

Until my next life changing experience,

Johnny Be Good

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