Gay Travel in Morocco with Edmund White

In the new issue of PASSPORT Magazine , author Edmund White raves about Morocco and a special  property called La Gazelle D’Or  .

It’s sounds enchanting and magical!  He says, “La Gazelle D’Or is outside the town Taroudant, a walled city. It’s like the Middle Ages, nothing has changed, filled with friendly people and almost no tourists.
It is a  very luxurious, French-owned hotel where you have your own little house in the woods with a fantastic swimming pool, fantastic meals and it’s very luxurious and expensive.

It looks beautiful.
 It sits on a 200 acres organic orange grove.
I’ll have to put that on my bucket list!

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Last month Joan Rivers was asked, If you could own any hotel room in the world which would it be and why?

She answered, “The Grand Ballroom of the Plaza in New York. It’s so elegant and grand and has nothing to do with reality. I would take the stage and make it into a bedroom.”