Travel Tips Anyone Can Use to Save Money

CBS Travel News Expert 
Peter Greenberg recently shared
10 Money Saving Travel Tips.

Among those I found most interesting were –

Book by Phone – Not online.  People think shopping online, they find the best deals. Not so. Peter says a travel agent still has access to more inventory and might know of things you would not discover on your own.

Know when to buy: Airlines often announce airfare sales on Friday night, so all the matching/cross-cutting happens over the weekend, Greenberg says. But this is actually the worst time to buy  your tickets, because everybody else is looking then as well. Instead, he suggests, try booking after midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning: “All the tickets that were booked but not purchased on Monday come flooding back into the airlines computer system at the discount fare.”

Argentina is still a fantastic deal (and very gay!) : The Argentine peso is still in decline. On a recent trip, Greenberg says, he picked up the tab for six people at a fancy Buenos Aires restaurant — ordering appetizers, side dishes, entres, dessert, and after-dinner drink. “Including tip, the bill came to $134 U.S.” — about $22 a person.  WOW!  I checked rates for  AXEL  Hotel  Buenos Aires for next month, they are still running  $100-$270  US – not a huge bargain, but still cheaper than  New York City hotels.

He also claims the best time of year to travel – Travel  right after Thanksgiving: The absolute best time to go  anywhere — is the week after Thanksgiving. Why? Because most Americans are recovering from Thanksgiving holiday – no one really travels that 7-8 days after Thanksgiving.

Read the rest of his tips online at Money Watch .