Florida Giving Updates on Effects of BP Oil Spill

VISIT FLORIDA, the official tourism marketing organization for the state of Florida, announces the release of its latest television ad aimed at helping visitors make well-informed summer travel planning decisions in light of the BP Gulf oil spill situation.

The new ad, titled “More Than Enough,” recognizes that travelers have legitimate questions about current beach conditions in the Sunshine State and explains that, with more than 825 miles of beaches and 1,260 miles of Florida coastline, the Florida Live feature on VISITFLORIDA.com will allow them to see for themselves exactly what’s happening at destinations all across the state.

We focused our ‘Need to Know’ ad on the oil-impacted counties of Northwest Florida,” said Chris Thompson, VISIT FLORIDA President and CEO. “This new ads focuses on the rest of the state, which, although physically not impacted by oil, faces significant financial loss due to consumer skepticism coupled with misinformation.”

If you’re thinking about a Florida, stop by Visit Florida . Beside the cool cam shots, they issue  updates –   today it  says, “ Dime to five inch-sized tar balls continue to be found in widely scattered areas of Northwest Florida. There have been no reports of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill-related oil products reaching the shore beyond the Northwest Florida region. There is no indication that the rest of the state will have impacts from weathered oil products within the next 72 hours.  At this time, there continue to be no beach closures and the majority of Florida’s state waters remain open to recreational fishing.”