Print vs. Digital Online Advertising in the LGBT Gay Travel Market

As a group, gays and lesbians spend $64.5 billion, yes billion, annually in the U.S. travel market, according to Community Marketing Inc., a gay-market research group based in San Francisco.

Surveys also  show 85% of People Find What They Are
Looking For by Using Search Engines. Many consumers look online to find the most current, most up to date information.

There has been a huge shift from print to online,” says  Derrick  Sorles, of Business Blogging Consultants  in Chicago. “The  Yellow Pages have become archaic to many people .”

Print magazines are shutting down left and right in major metropolitan marketplaces. More and more people use their computers to find the information they want and need. This is the Web 2.0 world we live in! 50% of all consumers, search ONLINE FIRST, before leaving the house!

The top 100 advertisers in the U.S., who represent 41 percent of total advertising spending, shifted about $1 billion last year from TV and newspapers to the Web. An analysis from Ad Age shows that overall media spending in “measured” categories (TV, print, radio, Web) by the top 100 advertisers was flat in 2007, with 0.3 percent growth to $61.3 billion. But spending on Web display ads rose 33 percent to $4.2 billion.

The article notes:

Put another way, these top-tier marketers increased measured Internet spending by $1 billion; slashed newspaper spending by $674 million; and cut TV budgets by $406 million.

This is yet one more piece of evidence that dollars are flowing from traditional media to the Web. The analysis is based on data from TNS Media Intelligence for 2007. TNS only measures display advertising, and not search.

  • In most cases, digital Internet advertising is much less expensive than print.
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    Michael Snell