Gay Travel in China…From Guangzhou to Xiamen

A Simple Change of Mind 
By Guest Author  Johnny Rico
I realize that I left you at a stage of curiosity with my last blog . I wish I could satisfy your lust by saying that I had a hot steamy night with the muscle men but it would be a lie. They ended up being great guys but nothing erotic passed.

Actually, after that night, my gay curiosity dwindled. I went to the same bar twice and nothing exciting ever passed. It was the same queens showing off their new muscle shirts and snobby faces. They walked around the bar as if they owned the world from their corporate headquarters in Guangzhou.Which is exactly why I decided to put my gay side on the back burner and hang out with some foreigners from my internship.

We did the tourist thing and saw as many temples as possible. The Buddhist religion is very interesting but I can’t imagine being a monk. They devote their whole lives to a religion and live their lives alone and without SEX.  Maybe I am just being naive.

We  even climbed  Baiyun Mountain  and bungee jumped off the side . I leaped off the mountain while over looking a gorgeous view of Guangzhou and it was only 170 RMB, which is less than 20 dollars.

We also went to Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park . This park has a Safari where you can see all types of animals. I got to feed a baby tiger. The little thing smelt like body odor, seamen and burnt tofu. Luckily, the elephant ride after blew it’s musk off my clothes.  I felt like Prince Ali Ababwa on top of that elephant.

In a nutshell, Guangzhou was eventful. The gay scene  is nothing special, the city is smoldering hot and the mosquitoes suck your blood like greedy vampires.

Luckily for me, my job decided to move me to another city. I am now living in Xiamen. This is a very clean island city. I love living beside the ocean, except for the fact that you can’t swim in the ocean unless you are okay with growing a third nipple or rabbit ear. The ocean is polluted and you could be swimming next to a used condom or dirty tampon. But I  still considered it to be the cleanest city in China.

The gay scene is
very small. They have one gay Karaoke bar which is filled with Lesbians. It is more acceptable to be a lesbian in China than a gay man. I see a lot of little cute butch Chinese girls with super hot feminine girlfriends in high heels and short skirts. If your a lesbian and have Asian fever than I suggest coming to China.

The Chinese women are far more intriguing than the men. Their slender bodies and smooth skin make for a delicious dessert. The men look more like women anyways. Chinese guys are naturally feminine. I much rather tame a bear than a turtle. I have come to the conclusion that Bears do not reside in these parts so I have decided to just be A-sexual. I know that if I do find someone that is remotely “WOOF” then the intercourse will be more like jump robbing than bungee jumping.

Sure, jump robbing is beneficial when working out or double dutching with Brandy and Monica but it still lacks thrill and excitement. I realize that the thrill is not going to happen here so I found some special DVDs and handle my own needs in private while dreaming of a sexy hairy muscular Daddy  busting through the door and taking me to Pleasure Island.

I’ve been in China for 2 months now and I have thought a lot about my life. It made me realize that the crazy sexcapades are not what I want anymore.  Cruising the beach or hitting the sauna for a quick fling no longer has the excitement or thrill that it used to have.

Plus, I know that 8 out of 10 times I am left unsatisfied and even thirstier for more of nothing. Sure, the hunt is thrilling but I can get my kicks  in other ways. I guess I am maturing and proud of it. 


Which means that I must resign Johnny Rico  from his player lifestyle and affiliation with me, myself and I. Johnny was the crazy kid in the daddy store waiting for someone to pick him up and play with him. But I feel past that point now. I am ready to be the clerk at the daddy store that scopes out each one and picks them based on personality,ambition and Woofness.

So you can call me Rocko from now on. A more clever, intelligent, and confident guy that lives beneath the whore. It is time to grow up and live this life in love and amusement and not in risk and promiscuity. 

A time for for learning how to love and live in a more safe, happy and healthy way.

A person is  always learning  and mistakes and epiphanies are always welcome.They help you to grow and figure out who you  want to be. 
Writing to you from Buddha himself in Xiamen, China.

I go back to the States in 4 days.
I hope you enjoyed my adventure and decide to have one of your own.
Learn to live,

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