Gay Travel Couple! 2 British Guys, 2 Years, Around the World!

Thom and Sean
started traveling together on 23 June 2010 and they don’t plan on settling in any one country for another two years.  Originally from the UK but with no decision yet on whether they’ll return, Thom and Sean are having fun visiting countries that they’ve always wanted to visit.

As novice travelers they started off with the USA and have spent the last nine weeks traveling from New York on the East Coast to San Francisco on the West Coast with a good old dose of the Deep South in between! 

After America Thom and Sean will be kicking back to enjoy a calmer pace of life by hiring a camper van and driving around the North and South Islands of New Zealand for a month before heading down under.  Hiring one more camper they’ll be driving down the spectacular Great Ocean Road taking in Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney before taking a breather in Melbourne.  This breather’s going to last about 10 months as they get jobs and make friends to really experience Aussie life.



Once they leave Australia, the couple  will be taking the slow road back to Europe via Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China.  In Beijing they’ll board the Trans-Siberian Express and spend a week on the train to Moscow, stopping off along the way and couchsurfing in a yurt!  After Red Square they will be visiting Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.  The final destination of Berlin is being timed to match Sean’s 30th birthday in June 2012 where friends and family will join them for a massive party.  And I suppose at that point they’ll have to grow up!

The guys have been together for four years and always talked about travelling the world; this went from a pipe dream to something that they both really wanted and after three years of saving, planning and hard work they’re finally able to embark on their world trip together.

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Photo top – Pacific HWY, California
Photo bottom – Stars at Grand Canyon

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