Gay Travel and Gay Christmas Tips with John Waters


You wouldn’t expect
 the legendary creator
of such subversive films as
“Pink Flamingos” and “Female Trouble”
 to be a fan of Christmas!

(John Waters Collection #3:
 Pink Flamingos/ Female Trouble )

Halloween, yes!
Christmas? Really?!

But of course, John Waters defies expectations.

“I really do love Christmas, without irony,” the 63-year-old filmmaker  says, “But I understand that a lot of people hate it, so I’m trying to give advice to every single person as to how to survive Christmas.”

Waters has performed his one man spoken-word lecture entitled “This Filthy World ” to sold-out audiences around the world; (DVD John Waters: This Filthy World is avavilable, if you missed it).

In 2004, his cynical and hilarious  CD “A John Waters Christmas was released, featuring an outlandish compilation of musical obscurities chosen by Waters himself, including songs by Tiny Tim, Fat Daddy and the Chipmunks!

With all of the traveling John does, who better to give some Travel Tips and Advice?!

He tells PASSPORT Magazine , The worst possible thing in the world is to be trapped on an airplane without a book, and mine will put you in a good mood even if you’re delayed, your luggage is lost, or flight is canceled,” he shares. “And if anyone’s nosy and reads it over your shoulder you can open the chapter about outsider pornographers and then they won’t talk to you, which is also nice on an airplane.”

He also says, “I always have toiletries with me, and a hanger bag with something to wear in case my suitcase is lost, because I’m usually going to be on stage so I carry one outfit with me. [Also] books, there’s nothing worse than being stuck on an airplane without a book. I always have way too many books with me.

AND ABOVE ALL – Be early! Get the first plane in the morning—the pilots are always there, the plane is there, and there aren’t many thunderstorms at 6 A.M. The later you wait in the day, the bigger the chance of you getting screwed up.”

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