Travel The World…On The Other Guys Dime

What could be better than a one-week, a one-month, or even a one-year paid vacation to some exotic place?! AND have someone else pay for it? It’s actually easier than you think.

For the past three decades the author has been doing just that on what he calls working vacations — short-term overseas assignments that do not require you to sell the house or quit your job. In this book he provides the reader with invaluable ”how to” information such as locating the best working vacation opportunities, negotiating terms, renting your home, securing housing in the host country, traveling safely with young children, and much, much more.

Many people can not afford to take an unpaid, leave of absence, from their current jobs, to travel. The author talks about overseas employment that will pay you enough to cover most or all of your living and transportation expenses!

‘Michael Schneider has done  what many of us want to do, but few ever manage to. Live all over the world without giving up his house, job, or nest egg. And in On the Other Guy’s Dime he shows you the practical steps needed to do it yourself. This is perfect for academics, working professionals and retirees. This is about  “free vacations”  where things get comped for you. This is about a working vacation, where you will go and stay for a 4 week minimum, and possibly teach, consult, or maybe help with research.

He tells stories that will ignite your passion! And he provides useful details and links, so that you too, can begin learning about opportunities that exist. He did all of this in the last 30 years. Think of how the world has changed in the last ten years! He looks around now and says, “in the past few years have opened up my eyes to possibilities I had never previously considered.”

If you have a desire to see the world and experiece other cultures, and quite possibly get paid for it; read this book!

On The Other Guy’s Dime – A Professional’s Guide to Traveling Without Paying

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