Benefits of Using a Travel Agent or Agency

Someone called me the other day asking for advice about traveling from the US to Poland. While I have been there once, I am certainly no expert. Right away, I told them to call my travel agent. The caller was shocked. He asked, “You don’t book your own trips online?” – “Absolutely not!  I said!  My agent knows how to find me deals and saves me money!” I replied.

Many people think booking their trips can save them money. Possibly. But probably not.

Many agencies have strong working relationships with travel suppliers and they have the  latest in computer reservations technology enabling travel agents to access the most up-to-date information on how to get you the best value.

Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming –  especially to a foreign land. A travel agent not only arranges the various modes of transportation, but a travel agent also may be able to save you money with early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals and travel advisories. People who book their own trips online, may not have access too all of the current travel promotions and deals.

From advising you of all the options and sharing insider tips on destinations to understanding travels little complexities, we can provide you with the personal attention, expertise and exclusive advantages for all of your travel needs.

David Hodgkinson at Travel Leaders says “The more your agent knows about you, the better they will be able to pull together the best options and provide you with a perfect trip. Talk to an agent and be sure to share your:…

Interests – Share your interests, such as scuba diving, art or unique foods with your travel agent, and ask your agent to combine those interests into your trip.

Budget – It’s a travel agent’s job to keep within your budget. Provide them with a figure and they will work to stretch your travel dollars.

Travel preferences – If you favor a certain airline or hotel, or prefer nonstop flights, be sure to tell your agent so they can arrange your trip to meet your preferences.

Schedule – Let your agent know your preferred dates of travel. Also let them know how to contact you while traveling in the event they need to relay important information.

Travel companions’ needs – Inform your agent if your travel companion requires special accommodation, such as in-flight meal preferences or making arrangements for someone with a disability.

A good agent will go the extra mile!   Agents work for YOU and will do everything they can to meet your travel needs.”

Travel Leaders