CHARO Talks Travel Tips and Hits the Road with SEXY SEXY

María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Gutiérrez de los Perales Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Hinojosa Rasten 

aka  CHARO

She was at SPLASH Bar in NYC last month performing SEXY SEXY her new hit song! (The song was written by her son  Shel Rasten –  for Britney Spears. Charo said FUCK Britney Spears! That song is Momma’s! ).

In the new issue of Passport Magazine, Charo gives travel tips!

DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Good water! This morning they were putting on my makeup and they asked, “What is your secret? What do you do?” – I drink lots of water and ALWAYS wear a moisturizer. If you take medication, always bring it on the plane with you. And vitamins. But water and moisturizer is a must. When you are flying you are having a lot of radiation. Twice the radiation of an x-ray.

And my advice to everybody who travels is when you pack, put your things inside a plastic cover. One time, coming from Europe to the USA, when we landed it was raining and they left the luggage outside for a while and when we opened it, it was soaked. It ruined 50k worth of costumes. So my advice is whatever is precious and you cannot wash, wrap it or pack it in a plastic container.

She also added, I am against discrimination and against oppression. The people in the White House should treat the country like it’s their own children. Same sexes should be respected and allowed to marry. You have to fight, fight, fight!

And she fights for animal rights. With the help of PETA, Charo’s working to end bullfighting in Spain. Blood cannot be exchanged for entertainment. In Spain, there is food, art, music, architecture, why do they need to keep holding onto an old tradition, and the cruelest way for an animal to die?” She’s convinced bullfighting will be outlawed in parts of Spain within the next six months.

Charo will perform her new hit SEXY SEXY April  10th at the White Party in Palm Springs! After that, watch for her in a city near you! You don’t want to miss this show!