Religious Group Tells STR8s to Stay Away From Disney World Orlando for Gay Days

The Gay Days at Walt Disney World started back in 1991, a day when gay and lesbian tourists could take over the theme park.  Twenty years, can you believe it?!

LGBT  visitors put on their red shirts and walk hand in hand with other gay and lesbian guests (preferably ones they knew). The Gay Days have continued to grow, becoming more and more popular each year, adding dozens of extra parties. 

The Gay Day events in Orlando can attract over 100,000 gay and lesbian participants to the Disney theme park. Organizers maintain the festivities bring in  about  $500 million to region.

Religious conservatives from the Sunshine State are warning families not to visit the Magic Kingdom on the first Saturday of the month. AS WELL THEY SHOULD!

David Caton, the executive director of the conservative Florida Family Association,  who has led numerous protests targeting companies that advertise on television shows with questionable and mature content, urged that Disney, which is not sponsoring the event,  to restrict Gay Days activities to after-hours.

“Why would Disney allow Gay Day to take place during regular operating hours at the expense of offending tens of thousands of unsuspecting guests when they require other special events to be held after normal operating hours?” demanded Caton. “Disney requires special events like Grad Night and Night of Joy to be held after the Magic Kingdom’s regular operating hours. Disney does this to avoid having a large group of likeminded people in the park at the same time with regular patrons who expect a normal day at the Magic Kingdom.”

Caton noted that his organization had raised enough funds to rent an airplane which would fly over the Orlando area on that Friday and Saturday with banners warning about the event.

Chris Alexander-Manley, the president of Orlando based Gay Days, Inc., welcomed the free publicity that Caton offered the event!

Alexander-Manley opined that the Florida Family Association could have spent their money on better causes than renting an airplane for their banners.

“That $3,700 could have been better spent supporting the disasters in Japan or the storm victims of Central Florida from the tornados from yesterday,” added Alexander-Manley.

Started in 1991, the Gay Days events received national attention when the Southern Baptist Convention voted to boycott Disney in 1997. The convention lifted the ban in 2005. Prominent televangelist and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson made national headlines back in 1998 when he suggested that God would punish Orlando for hosting Gay Days by unleashing natural and man-made disasters upon the region.