Gay Nude Beaches Around the World

There are GAY BEACHES…
and then there are GAY NUDE BEACHES!

Gay Nude Beaches are  few and far between, but they do exist.   I have listed a few of the  gay  nudes beaches I have enjoyed….as well as a few we have read about.

San Diego –  Blacks Beach – Probably one of the most famous gay nude beaches. There is no easy to get there!  It’s a bit of hike, a climb and a jump! There is info online with suggested routes to access Blacks Beach.

Both Province Town, which has Herring Cove Beach and  Saugatuck, MI, (the Provincetown of the Midwest)  has Oval Beach. Both  have sort of a nude beach area. TECHNICALLY, at both beaches, laws prohibit nudity. But it seems no one really seems to care and it is not enforced by the authorities.

At Herring Cove beach, full nudity is usually only found about 3/4 mile further down the beach at the end of the gay men section.  At Oval Beach, gays head towards the the back dunes area of Oval Beach, which  is perfect for sunbathing in the nude.

Just south of North of Miami, you will find Haulover Park and Beach.
South Florida Free Beaches/Florida Naturist Association, Inc. founded the clothing optional section of Haulover Beach Park in North Miami in 1991. There is a straight section on the right, and the gays hang out on the left! It is super busy on holiday weekends!  I was there on a non holiday weekday, and there were about 200 gays out there!

If you go down under to Australia, Sydney has Lady Jane Beach. Lady Jane Beach (official name is Lady Bay Beach) is located just at the mouth of the Sydney Harbour, where Sydney Harbour meets the open sea, the Tasman Sea. From Lady Jane beach you have the most spectacular views which any beach can boast to have. Apart form the gorgeous naked man frolicking around you; you also have the Sydney Harbour in the background, Obelisk Gay Nude beach just across the harbour directly opposite Lady Jane, Manly Harbour to your right and the open ocean if you walk to the lighthouse.

If you know some more, please feel free to share in the comments section!