Gay Travel to Havana Cuba Growing

A new revolution is quietly brewing in Havana, Cuba which could make it the next great gay travel destination.

Only two hundred miles from Miami, the gay scene in Havana is beginning to sizzle after years of repression. Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela, has even participated in a gay rights march and Brokeback Mountain has been seen on government television.

FENUXE reports, “While gay life is still largely underground, one of the most amazing scenes occurs every night in Havana starting at about 11:00 pm where La Rampa Street and the Malecon, an ocean front walk, intersect. On weekends you’ll see hundreds of guys strolling, chatting, and playing guitars all night until the sun rises. Talk to the right people and you’ll get an invitation to one of the private home parties that pop up in different locations throughout the week.”

MONAGA  site  says, “Our destination is a bar called Habaneciendo where the marquee advertises, “Estrellita Jaime Jimenez.” Gay Cuban men of all ages fill the small space until the show begins with Chantal, a cross between Dolly Parton and Wonder Woman, who persuades the audience to sing along while tucking plenty of money down the front of her dress. 

Six years ago, on my last visit to Cuba, this scene would have been unthinkable. Back then, most parties were illegal and were held in semi-secret locations under the constant threat of police raids.

Even more surprising is our visit to Café Cantante, behind the National Theatre on the highly symbolic Plaza of the Revolution. Tonight is the one-year anniversary of a disco night called El Divino attended by hundreds of men and a handful of women.”

Havana is a great walking city and a photographer’s paradise. The architecture is stunning. There is a wide diversity of art, music and museums which could take weeks to explore.

Cuban restaurants have traditionally been dismal, however this is changing rapidly. You can expect to pay eight to fifteen dollars for an entree and not much more than three dollars for a drink in an upscale restaurant

Despite elements of homophobia in Cuba’s history, Havana now has a lively and vibrant gay scene.

Public antipathy towards LGBT people is high, reflecting regional norms. This has eased somewhat since the 1990s. Educational campaigns on LGBT issues are currently implemented by the National Center for Sex Education, headed by Mariela Castro.

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