Air Repair SkinCare Kit

Air Repair is the only travel skin care system created specifically to combat the effects of flying and the environmental changes of travel that take a toll on your skin.

Ceated by Denise Spanek, a renowned skin care expert and acclaimed beauty industry entrepreneur.
Denise  owns VIAGE Studio in San Francisco and over the past 2 decades, has built a successful skin care practice by providing clients with customized skin care methodologies.

The Air Repair  products were designed to meet the specific issues of skin care for the traveler. – But it also works if you’re skin is feeling fatigued like from a night of sleeplessness or over indulging.

Spanek has researched highly effective skin care brands and successful performance regiments – with the goal of creating her own products that are effective, luxurious, and…effortless. 

She says, “ I was doing a lot of international traveling and felt like I was landing looking like a Shar Pei! I realized that out of all the beauty brands to choose from, none of them addressed the issue of flight fatigue and environmental stresses that take a toll on the skin. So, I went on to create a line of comprehensive and streamlined skincare products with targeted ingredients to address these issues.”

Flying takes a toll on your body and your skin. Dry and dehydrated skin, fine lines, redness, dull appearance and irritation are quickly and effectively treated with the kit. The Air Repair Kit contains ground-breaking formulations which are petroleum, mineral oil and paraben free. Targeted ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (moisture retention), Cloudberry Seed Oil (a powerful anti-oxidant) and Heat Shock Proteins (climate-adjusting) deliver superior results that are ideal for any and all skin types.

Whether in the air or on the ground, Air Repair is the premiere “take care anywhere” skincare kit choice available. Plus, the kit is packaged in a see-through travel bag for carry-on convenience, so it conforms with the 3-1-1 policies. The best part; the PRICE!

Grab & Glow Skin Care Essentials for Travel and Beyond   $34.95 for the 5 pack kit –  

Air Repair Beauty Boost of mini’s   $9.95