Amtrak Dealing With WiFi Gay Issues This week

Despite opposition from anti-gay groups such a the Family Research
Institute, in recent years, Amtrak has been very active in marketing to
the LGBT communities.

While they are not painting the cars rainbow colors anytime soon,  they  are  a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association; and they operate a website design specifically for LGBT travelers,; and has been a sponsors of many gay events.

Last week Amtrak  confirmed that it is conducting a soft launch of free WiFi service on its
Northeast Regional trains, which include those serving Washington, DC.
WiFi is already available on its Acela trains, some regional trains on
the west coast and at select stations. Amtrak is expect to provide a
formal update next week about its expansion efforts.

Of course they are trying to block porn on the train.  But some LGBT news sites were also blocked. Christina Leeds, a media representative for Amrak, also acknowledged
reports that some websites, such as the one for the Seattle Gay News,
were being blocked by the third-party automated system that is employed
by the organization to filter inappropriate content.

They still DO NOT allow dogs to travel –  which I wish they would do something about that.