Gay Marriage Comes to Cancun Mexico in 2012 #gaytravel

Everybody wants a
piece of that pink dollar!

The city-state of Mexico City legalized
gay marriage in 2010 and remains the only municipality in Mexico
where such marriages are officially allowed.

Now  Cancun and other resort areas on the Mexican Caribbean will have a new attraction for gay and lesbian couples from the US, Canada 
and Europe, allowing them to legalize their unions thanks to a quirk in
the local civil code, activist Patricia Novelo.

Novelo said that in January the first same-sex group wedding will be
held in the resort area as part of local support for the human rights of
the gay community.

Gay travel groups in the state say they
are now preparing to market the state as a destination for gay
couples to marry and will promote a mass wedding of gay couples
sometime in January. (It was not clear whether the first 8 confirmed
couples would wed in separate ceremonies.)

The gay travel groups say that travel
agencies on average receive about 200 requests per month from gay
tourists wishing to marry in the Mexican Caribbean.