Top 5 Cheap Restaurants in Washington DC

Top 5 Cheap Restaurants
 in Washington DC

There are many luxury hotels in Washington DC where you will certainly find yourself a fine meal; in fact you will undoubtedly dine well in any of the hotels in Washington DC. If however, you are looking to venture from the hotel here are some of the places you can lick your lips to.  

Looking for something ritzy and expensive? 1789, located at 1226 36th Street, is open every day for dinner. It has been around for five decades now, and is known for delicious, modern American cuisine. Dress formally, this place is so classy that they even offer valet service.

Not lucky enough to have $40.00 to spend on an entree for one? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 places to eat in Washington DC for prices that the average person can afford. You won’t find a valet at these restaurants, but you will find good food for reasonable prices.

Amsterdam Falafelshop: Located in Adams Morgan, the Falafelshop boasts of tasty Middle Eastern fast food. It’s known for late-night dining, and it’s outdoor seating. Every meal is priced under $14.00, offering a nice atmosphere and great food for a decent price. If Amsterdam Falafelshop is your style, you may also enjoy El Khartoum.

Ben’s Chili Bowl: Enjoy a good chili dog and shake? Look no further. It can be found in Shaw neighborhood, next to the Lincoln Theatre. The Bowl is a huge part of Washington DC’s history. It was a main spot for the 1968 riots, and the founders of the restaurant have been inducted into the city’s Hall of Fame. Celebrities such as Bill Cosby, Chris Tucker, and Barack Obama have all eaten here. The American meals sold here are all normally under $10.00 each.

CF Folks: Home of the Well Dressed Burrito, this is a little diner with a little lunch counter, located in Dupont Circle. Outdoor seating is also available for patrons that enjoy CF’s American cuisine. Everything is under $14.00, and everything is delicious. The only downside is that it’s closed on weekends. If you enjoy this type of American food, the Shake Shack may also hit the spot for you.

Etete: Vegetarian? Etete is an Ethiopian food restaurant that will have plenty for you, as well as your meat eating friends. You won’t find much for over $14.00 here. Little Ethiopia Restaurant is another great Ethiopian eatery in Washington DC.

Levi’s Port Cafe: Interested in some southern soul food? This place is perfect to bring a large group, because of their all-you-can-eat buffet. You’ll pay less than $14.00 per person for some down-to-earth barbeque.

There’s something for everyone in Washington DC, no matter how much money you have.
You’ve just got to be willing to look.