Airplane Do’s and Dont’s Etiquette

Airplane Etiquette

2  words. Common Courtesy.
Use common sense people.

I can’t believe I am even writing about this. And I hate to stereotype, but honestly, I don’t think I have seen a gay person on any of my flights, do any of these.

But on a flight this past week, I was offended by at least 4 of these situations, and maybe, for what it’s worth, this advice may help someone out there.

My biggest pet peeve; the plane lands and stops and EVERYONE jumps up and crowds the aisles. Really People? Where do you thin you are going?     For God’s sake, please wait until your row has arrived to leave the plane. There is no need to jump on and clog the aisles.  Waiting patiently, in your seat, will make the deplaning process much easier.They can only empty a plan so fast. And I find it SO RUDE, when someone from behind me, jumps up into the aisle ahead of me. UNLESS your are connecting and running late, stay seated and wait like civilized humans.

 Cell phones really should not even be used on a plane. Is your call THAT important?

  Bathe. I don’t care if your flight is at 6am and you had to be up at 3am – take a bath or shower. We’re going to be in close quarters for the next few hours!

 Seats seem to get smaller and smaller! If you are on an aisle or window, try to be conscientious of that person in the middle. Maybe lean a little that direction and give the person in the middle more breathing room. And if you are in the middle – remember that. If you doze off, you don’t want to end up laying to the far right or left!

Armrests are so tiny! But try to share. If there are three seats to a row, the middle person should have first
rights to armrest space because the person on the aisle and window gain a
little extra space. However, those in middle seats should also understand that people to the
left and right of them will also want a small bit of space to lean
their arms or place their elbows; the middle seat person should adjust
slightly for their travel companions so that everyone is as comfortable
as possible

  With the pressure in the cabin, sometimes peoples ears get “clogged”  or “stuffed up”  and they have a tendency to talk louder. Use your indoor voice. Try to talk softly.

Attire. Remember when people would “dress up” to fly? Probably not – you’re too young.  Dress comfortably, but appropriately. Remember you will be sitting next to strangers and they do not need to look at your cleavage the whole plane ride. And avoid strong perfumes and colognes.

Speaking of attire….

Flip Flops?  Really?  Flip flops were made for the beach – and the gym shower. That’s about it.

If you have a really long flight, you might want to take off your shoes. Are your feet clean and smell-free?? But DO NOT take them off if you have sweaty smelly feet. And DO NOT take your socks off.

Speaking of smells… Do not bring food on the plane that will have a strong or lingering smell. Like Thai Curry Shrimp!  EWWWWWWW!

Some  travelers do not want to talk to others.
It’s reasonable and courteous to briefly acknowledge the traveler next to you so that they may increase their comfort level with sitting by you for the duration of the flight.Offer polite chitchat or a hello  with your seatmate, but know when the conversation should end.  Do not go on and on.

Consider using the bathroom when other folks in your row are using it as well. Avoid making people get in and out of their seats several times.

Unless you are challenged in some way, do not  grab  onto the seat in front of you when you are getting up from your seat. You will yank the seat back and bother the person in front of you.

Look at the seat in front of you; there is not much room right?  If you recline your seat, do it slowly and gently as to not smash the person’s knees behind you. Or maybe they have a drink on their tray top –  and you wouldn’t want to spill it everywhere. They have the same amount of room as you do. Be considerate of space.

Many travelers feel entitled to recline their seat as much as possible
to gain a few more inches of room, but never consider that the business traveler behind them may be using the tray table for reading or working on their computer.

When there is not enough legroom, as is the case when flying economy
class, it is polite to limit your movements according to the space
available. For example, instead of stretching out the pages of a
newspaper, read a pocketbook instead.

Passengers should always store only one item in the space above their
seats; however, some who board the plane first may inappropriately
choose to store both of their items in the overhead bin so that they
have more leg room during the flight. Be considerate.

    Use headphone for electronic devices. People around you do not need to listen to your music or movie.

       Be aware of how much you drink as to not get tipsy or drunk. A drunk on then plane is not pretty.

    Carry your bag in front of you as you walk down the aisle. If you have a back pack, take it off, and hold it down in front of you. This will help you avoid hitting other passengers as you walk by them.

Those are most of violations I see on a regular basis! It’s not rocket science to be courteous to fellow travelers!