Man Overboard on Gay Cruise Identified

  That man  overboard, from the Atlantis Cruise, has now been identified as 30-year-old Kenneth John
a native of Bailieborough, Co Cavan, Ireland. Gemmell was a
flight attendant with UAE airlines stationed in Dubai.

In a statement, Royal Caribbean indicated that Gemmell was seen going overboard at 7:10 am local time and that fact was confirmed by surveillance cameras aboard the ship.

Edward Owen at The Examiner reports that the family is seeking information to bring some closure to their situation:

They are issuing an appeal to anyone on
board the ship who might have met Kenneth during the cruise, to touch
base with them.  And they particularly would like to hear from the
person who witnessed him going overboard.  The family has said they want
nothing more than to understand what drove their son, who had just
turned 30 last Tuesday, to this.

The family says that some
information has already come their way.  One party told them that
Kenneth may have been arguing with a ship’s crew member (perhaps a
bartender) in one of the bars late Thursday night or early Friday
morning.  They were also told that the crew member, a man they
understood was sharing a room with a Canadian citizen, left the ship in

Because of the lack of information, a
family spokesman told that some members of the family are
finding it hard to accept that Kenneth actually went overboard.

who has information on this tragedy is asked to email Michael at  The family says they just want to know what
happened to their son.