Columbus Ohio Celebrates 200 Years

People who live in Columbus Ohio know it’s a great place to live! But the tourism board is working hard to prove to people it’s a great place to visit, too!

We have done several articles on Columbus, since our visit last Spring.

A new article in the Columbus Dispatch says
what we discovered last Spring:

During the past five years or so, Ohio’s capital city has been getting big props from major travel trendsetters.

“Lord knows, there are a million rankings, but we have been doing
really well with them lately,” said Scott Peacock, media-relations
manager at the Experience Columbus convention and visitors bureau. “I’d
say in the last two years, it’s really taken off.”

The high point was in August, when National Geographic’s
website named Columbus one of the 10 best fall destinations in the
world, alongside places such as Zanzibar and Dublin (the one in Ireland,
not the one along I-270).

Columbus turned the BIG 200 this year!  There are events and happenings scheduled all year long!  

You can also stop by their LGBT specific page for what to see and do.

Columbus Ohio is a highly recommended place to see and visit.