Gay Travel To Russia – Feds Say NO

The federal government has advised gay and lesbian travellers
visiting St. Petersburg, Russia – to
take extra precaution in the wake of a new law in the city banning
“homosexual propaganda.”

Canada’s ambassador has written to the Russian government to
express deep concern, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said.

“We are all deeply concerned by this legislation that runs
contrary to core Canadian values of freedom of speech, of human rights
and the rule of law,” Baird said on Friday during question period.

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(photo above –

Russian gay activist
Nikolai Alexeev and Alexey Kiselev were arrested in January  in the far
north city of Arkhangelsk, Russia after a series of actions in sub-zero
temperatures in defiance of a “gay propaganda” law that was passed there
last year similar to the ones under consideration in St. Petersburg,
Moscow, and nationwide, according to Alexeev’s Facebook page.

Pictured,  they unfurled a 20 meters rainbow flag in front of the entrance to Arkhangelsk Parliament.)