Gay Travel and Sodomy Laws

Our buddy Lyndon over at Focus on The Rainbow, tipped us off to this scary story today.

When you travel to foreign countries you must be aware of their laws relating to sex.  What is the age of consent?  Do they have a sodomy law?

Two men from California are learning that the hard way as GayStarNews is reporting
using several sources. The two men were arrested Wednesday after being
seen by someone from the dock where the ship they were on, a Celebrity
Summit cruise ship, organized by Atlantis Events,  was docked and the individual alleges the two men
were engaged in sex. – Was he peeping in the windows? Or were the guys outdoors in public view?

The ship carrying about 2,000 passengers departed Puerto Rico (not so gay friendly) on
Saturday and arrived in Dominica on Wednesday. It departed for St. Barts
without the men, who are being held in a cell at police headquarters in
the capital of Roseau.

John Robert Hart and Dennis Jay Mayer both
in their 40’s were arrested on the ship by local authorities and will
appear in court today on charges of suspicion of indecent exposure and
sodomy. The ship had been docked in the Caribbean country of Dominica
which outlaws sex among gays.

The cruise which had been organized by the gay travel company Atlantis
Events in West Hollywood, CA warns all travelers of potential sodomy
laws which are in effect in the various countries their planned cruises
take travelers.

I guess I would question Atlantis. And why they choose to take gay travelers to area’s who are against gays – when there are thousands of beautiful destinations worldwide to choose from. What’s next, a gay cruise to Uganda? How about St. Petersburg?

The penalty in Dominica for same-sex sexual activity is up to 10 years in prison.

In an update from one of the sources GayStarNews used in doing their article, Dominican News Online, the website reported
the charge of “buggery” (sodomy) would be dropped and they had been
charged with indecent exposure. The sodomy charge was dropped because as
Police Chief Cyrille Carrette told the website Wednesday evening, that charge will take too long to expedite, hence the men will only be charged with indecent exposure.

The ship sailed on without the two men to continue the scheduled cruise.

found guilty of the indecent exposure charge they could be fined $370
each and could face up to six months in prison according to a report by the Associated Press via The Washington Post.

UPDATE –  the 2 men have been released after paying $3000  in fines!  They were paraded thru the streets to a bank, to withdraw  money and crowds yelled slurs at them!  They admit they were half naked, on their balcony. But that’s all.
Mayer and Hart say they were taunted all night long in a jail cell with no light, no water, and no toilet. The courts wanted to have their rectums inspected for signs of anal sex, but that  was eventually dropped.

Dennis Mayer said he has no doubt they were arrested in Dominica because they were gay. 

said it was because they were seen having sex in public on the balcony
of their ship cabin. Mayer said they were not having sex, but were
‘partially clothed’.

Mayer, a retired deputy sheriff, told
how he and his partner  John, were summoned
to speak to the captain wished to speak to us. ‘We were caught off
guard,’ he added.

cruise ship officials and six Dominica police officers were waiting for
them. After police interviewed both men separately, the assistant
captain spoke, Mayer said.

‘At this time, we are going to eject you from the ship. We have zero tolerance toward your behavior,’ Mayer recalled him saying.

‘He said that other people said that we
were engaging in homosexual sex. He repeated that several times. I told
him I didn’t know why they would say that. I wasn’t doing that.’

‘The treatment was inhumane,’ Mayer
said. ‘We were detained for approximately 26 hours, and 19 of those
locked in a cement cell, which had no running water, no toilet, no
lights. ‘It stunk of feces and urine. It was infested with cockroaches,
ants and bugs.’

AGAIN, I ask, why does Atlantis or anyone gay support these anti-gay ports?!  It’s ridiculous.