Gay Thailand – Phuket Pride Week April 23-28, 2012

Phuket,  formerly known as Thalang (Tha-Laang) and, in Western sources, Junk Ceylon (a corruption of the Malay Tanjung Salang, i.e. “Cape Salang”), is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are (from north clockwise) Phang Nga and Krabi, but as Phuket is an island it has no land boundaries.

Phuket, which is approximately the size of Singapore, is Thailand’s largest island. The island is connected to mainland Thailand by two bridges. It is situated off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.

Pride comes to Phuket – April 23 to 28, 2012. Phuket Loves You (PLU)
Club is the organization selected to produce this year’s pride

The goal for this year’s pride celebration is to create a
stronger sense of community within the Thai and Farang communities in
Phuket which is why this year’s theme, chosen by the Phuket Pride
committee, is “Join our Family”

is an international destination attracting visitors
from Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.
With 17 sandy beaches, access to the amazing Pha Na
Bay with its dramatic rock formations, and numerous
smaller islands, PHUKET has vaulted to become one of
Conde Nast’s Magazines top ten tropical resort
destinations in the world.

And no wonder. From fantastic food, to world class
water sports (a top world snorkeling and scuba diving
destination), from fabulous shopping to a vibrant night
life, Phuket has something to offer every traveler.

And your money goes a lot farther here than in other
places. (You can life the high life in Phuket for weeks
for the same amount of money one week in Hawaii or the
Caribbean would cost you.) There are countless smaller
boutique hotels and guesthouses – both stylish
and inexpensive – as well as the usual array of
the world’s top hotel chains.

Get details for pride at  Phuket Pride.