Gay Family Treated Like Second Class Citizens at London Heathrow

Two gay dads traveling with their children claim they were
humiliated by border officials who refused to believe they were BOTH

Seething civil partners Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow
said “horrendous homophobia” confronted them when they landed with three
of their five kids at Heathrow.

Businessman Tony, 47, said
yesterday: “The woman asked who I was. When I told her I was their
father, she asked who ‘he’ was, looking at Barrie.

“When I said he
was my civil partner and also the children’s father, she sneered and
said it was ‘biologically impossible’ for us to be their parents.

“It was horrendous – it made my blood boil. We travel abroad a lot and this has never happened.

“We’ve faced homophobia before but it was like going back in time.”

and Barrie, 42, made history in 2000 after they traveled to the US and
used donated eggs and a surrogate mother to have twins.

Saffron and Aspen became the first children in Britain to be registered with two dads and no mother after a court ruling.

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