Gay Travel to Iceland – Reykjavik and More!

Iceland is a great destination for LGBT travelers, gay people are equal in the eyes of the law and have enjoyed marriage rights, in churches from the year 2010.

 Iceland is proud to have the worlds first openly lesbian primeminister and to show support in action one third of the population shows up for Reykjavík Gay Pride.

The gay scene and society in Iceland is small but active and open, it exists mostly in the capital Reykjavík but the northern branch in Akureyri is getting stronger each year. Iceland as a gay friendly destination has gotten great reviews, it has landed on various top ten lists and gotten 5 pink stars by Diva magazine.

 With its gay friendly atmosphere Iceland has come a long way since the Gay rights association, Samtökin’78  were founded in 1978 by brave, but few people. Now in the year 2012 we stand equal to straight people in the eyes of the law. The Reykjavík Gay Pride   has become one of the biggest celebrations of the nation with 100.000 people attending the parade and the down town festivities and prejudice towards lgbt people are on retreat.

Ask someone in Iceland: Do you know any gay people; we can almost guarantee that the answer will be positive, this has helped the progression of gay rights in Iceland. As soon as someone you know and love has come out, gay rights are also yours to protect because they protect someone you love. Regarding transgender rights Iceland has a long way to go but we are hopeful that we can celebrate equality in the year 2012. 

Check out these events!  

Reykjavik Gay Pride
Always held in the second weekend of August Reykjavik Gay Pride is one of the biggest festivities in Iceland.
Dates for 2012: August 7th-12th

Pink West:
Amazing LGBT trip to the Westfjords of Iceland pre and post Reykjavík Gay Pride
Dates: August 13th-15th
Pink West

Pink East:
Magical LGBT trip to the Eastfjords of Iceland pre and post Reykjavík Gay Pride
Dates: August 6th-8th & August 13th-15th
Pink East

Bears on Ice: Four day event from September 6th
Bear event in the world´s northernmost capital

Rainbow Reykjavík:
January 31st-February 3rd
LGBT winter festival, mixture of nature, culture, wining, dining and great parties: