Bubble hotels in Popping Up in France and Estonia

We first came across Bubbletree’s playful transparent tents sometime  last year.

 Now they are being used to create an entire hotel in France! Just 12km from Marseille, a handful of these bubble tents have been placed amidst the beautiful forests of Bouches-du-Rhone,
allowing guests of the Attrap’Rêves Hotel to experience nature up close
and personal. 189 euro a night! 

They are popping up everywhere. You can also watch the stars right from a comfortable bed without having to sleep
in a sleeping bag.

Now in Estonia, one of the three so called “Baltic states”, now features its
own unique hotel – A Bubble-hotel “Mullihotell”. The hotel is situated
near the beach in Rannakula district. It resembles a tent, which is
partially transparent and has a rounded shape. “It’s a unique
opportunity to stay in the pristine nature and enjoy the beauty right
out of a comfortable bed,” – states Mullihotell website.  $116 – 129 euro per night.

The diameter of the bubble is 4 meters, height – 3 meters. The room has a
comfortable bed, table and chairs. Executive Director of Mullihotell
company Ermil Miggur said that the tent holds its shape due to the air
pumped into it. The round part of the tent does not have any support,
only the corridor is strengthened. If the generator stops working, then
the “bedroom” part of the bubble deflates, but the corridor not so it is
easy to leave the room.

Watch a video  now on YouTube