Gay Travel to Singapore Amazing Rooftop Pool

Infinity pool 55  floors above ground opens in Singapore!  WOW!

While the water in the infinity pool
seems to end in a sheer drop, it actually spills into a catchment area
where it is pumped back into the main pool. At three times the length of
an Olympic pool and 650ft up, it is the largest outdoor pool in the
world at that height.

It features in the impressive,
boat-shaped ‘SkyPark’ perched atop the three towers that make up the
world’s most expensive hotel, the £4billion Marina Bay Sands
development in Singapore.

The hotel, which has 2,560 rooms costing from £350 a night, was officially opened yesterday with a concert by Diana Ross.

Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, estimated to have cost £2billion
when it opened in 2004, was previously the world’s most expensive hotel.

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