Enjoy Oahu Without The Car Rental Expense

gas prices what they are, renting a car on your vacation can prove to be one of
the larger expenses that you’ll face. Fortunately, you have options when
visiting Oahu, and you’ll quickly find that getting around without a rental car
is simple. The island features public transportation methods that can deliver
visitors to every corner, while renting bikes and cruising along one of the
many palm tree-lined boulevards to one of the many attractions around Waikiki
is also a great way to scratch things off of your itinerary. If you’re hoping
to keep travel costs down, consider the following options when visiting the
Gathering Place to make sure you’re able to see all that this dynamic island
has to offer on the cheap!

Staying Around The Capital

Picking a central location, such as the Ewa Hotel  in the thick of
Waikiki, will ensure that you’re never far from a good time. With beach
activities, historical sites, and fantastic hiking just minutes away, hoofing
it won’t be a problem, helping you cut down on those gas expenditures and
giving you the opportunity to walk off that dinner while being bathed in the
light of a Hawaii sunset. Don’t miss Kapiolani Park, Waikiki Beach, or the
Honolulu Zoo while you’re making your way around one of the preeminent vacation
spots in the world.

Heading East To Kailua

Headlining the marquee for things to do on the Windward (Eastern) side of the
island is the charming city of Kailua. Home to some of the most pristine and
sought-after beaches, getting to this slice of paradise by bus from your hotel
in Honolulu or Waikiki is a breeze. The Bus system can carry you and your group
out to Kailua from Ala Moana on the Route 56 bus for $2.50 each way! Pack
yourself a picnic, hop on some eco-friendly public transportation, and go have
yourself a time at Kailua Beach.

Making It To North Shore

You won’t want to head back home without first heading to Oahu’s North Shore.
The promised land for surfers due to its absolutely awe-inspiring waves of
incredible force, watching people zip back and forth across these faces of
water will definitely give you a thrill. Once again, relying on the bus system
is no problem; it may take a bit longer, given the distance, but the ease of
the trip and the views that will accompany you along the way make this ride a
breeze. Bus 52 will get you there in no time so you can see what all of the
fuss is about!