Gay Travel to Tel Aviv is Still HOT HOT HOT

Four years ago, the straight mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, realized his city had all the necessary ingredients to become a leading gay tourist destination: warm weather, pristine beaches, a vibrant nightlife, a thriving gay community, and some of the most beautiful men on the planet. The problem was, Tel Aviv wasn’t known as a gay town.

A study commissioned by the mayor’s
office showed gay tourists were more inclined to go to cities like
Barcelona or Berlin rather than Israel, a country they associated with
religion and war. So the mayor had an idea: brand Tel Aviv as its own
separate entity.

knew that people who had been to Tel Aviv loved it,” says Yaniv
Waizman, the mayor’s adviser on gay community affairs. “So we made a
switch. We no longer talked about Israel, but Tel Aviv.”

There is an awesome story this week at the Daily Beast, about Israel.