United New Baggage Delivery Service for a Fee

Tired of schlepping your over-packed bags? 

Well if you fly United, you can now pay them to deliver your bags to your hotel.  
United now offers baggage delivery by BagsVIP for flights departing from
and arriving at select U.S. airports, so you can skip the wait at the
baggage carousel and go straight from your arrival airport to your
actual destination. This service provides you with the convenient option
of having your baggage delivered right to your home, hotel or
You will receive your baggage within four hours after your
flight’s arrival if your destination is located within 40 miles from the
airport. If your destination is located between 41 and 100 miles from
the airport, you’ll receive your baggage within six hours after the
arrival of your flight. 
1 bag is $29.95.  2  bags are 39.95. But if you have 3-8 bags you pay $49.95.
More info at UNITED