Gay Pride Kicks off April 6 in Phoenix Arizona

GAY PRIDE kicks off this year in April in Phoenix Arizona!
Gay Pride is typically in June in many states, but some of the warmer weather cities have now chosen to celebrate on alternate days. 

THE HISTORY OF PHOENIX PRIDE In 1981, a group of gay & lesbian
activists organized the first Pride march thru the streets of downtown
Phoenix to the state Capitol building. It was a politically focused
march to bring awareness to gay rights issues in Phoenix.

Nearly ten years later, a group of volunteers joined together to
coordinate the annual Pride festival. This committee, best known as the
Phoenix Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee, Inc. helped establish a 501(c) 3
non-profit organization known today as Phoenix Pride.

The organization was created as an educational non-profit to continue
to educate and promote issues that affect the LGBTQ community in metro
Phoenix. Under the leadership of Phoenix Pride, there has been an annual
march, festival, parade or celebration in metro Phoenix for more than
30 years.

The organization is a leader in the metro Phoenix LGBTQ community.
During the past several years, the organization has been able to make
significant contributions to other LGBTQ focused non-profit
organizations and has awarded scholarships to deserving LGBTQ
individuals continuing their education. It is the goal of the
organization to continue developing community programs to benefit the
LGBTQ focused non-profit community and to continue to raise public
awareness about the LGBTQ community in hopes to eliminate homophobia,
transphobia and discrimination still very much prevalent some 30 years

In 2011, the LGBTQ community celebrated the 31st Anniversary of the
first LGBTQ march in Phoenix. Phoenix Pride will continue to honor and
celebrate our community by promoting April as “Pride Month” in Phoenix,
Arizona and by continuing the “10 Days of Pride” started in celebration
of our 30th Anniversary in 2010.