San Francisco Bridge LIGHTS UP Tonight

Internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal has been busy in San Francisco, using the Bay Bridge
West Span as a frame, for a five-hundred-feet high and 1.8-mile-wide
installation will comprise more than 25,000 LED lights, making it the
world’s largest ever light sculpture.

TONIGHT is the unveiling!  

The installation will light up
the Bay Area for two years, with an estimated 50 million people expected
to view the display in that time. – Whats happens after two years? I don’t know. 

According to the project’s webpage, “patterns of weather, the water
and the traffic of cars, ships and wildlife” will all be used as
inspiration for creating Villareal’s software algorithms, ensuring that
each light pattern is unique and never repeated.

“People’s perception of what the piece is will be highly subjective,
no two people may see the same thing,” the artist said. “But there’ll
still be this point of connection between many, many people.”

Villarael said he hopes that the “monumental” piece of public art
will inspire artists in the Bay Area, while local businesses will no
doubt be hoping the project will fulfill its promise to add around $97
million to the local economy.