Short Mountain Tennessee Radical Fairy Gathering

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 Short Mountain Sanctuary (SMS) in Tennessee  is a collective providing queer safe space. We strive to live lightly on the land and to maintain an environment that is open, free, and stimulating to each person’s growth and creativity. We make decisions by consensus. Life here is simple and rustic. We drink springwater, use an outhouse, and heat with wood. What electricity we have we collect from the sun. The heart of the community is an antebellum log cabin that serves as kitchen, dining, library, and common space. Residents live in a variety of homebuilt one- to five-person dwellings. We grow much of our food, herbs, and dazzling flowers. Goats supply us with milk and chickens with eggs. 
The Radical Faeries (also Faeries and Fae) are a loosely-affiliated, worldwide network and counter-cultural movement seeking to reject hetero-imitation and redefine queer identity through spirituality. The Radical Faerie movement started in the United States among gay men during the 1970s sexual and counterculture revolution.
 The movement has expanded in tandem with the larger gay rights movement, challenging commercialization and patriarchal aspects of modern LGBT life while celebrating pagan constructs and rituals.  Faeries tend to be fiercely independent, anti-establishment, and community-focused. Faerie culture is undefinable as a group; however, it has similar characteristics to “Marxism, feminism, paganism, Native American and New Age spirituality, anarchism, the mythopoetic men’s movement, radical individualism, the therapeutic culture of self-fulfillment and self-actualization, earth-based movements in support of sustainable communities, spiritual solemnity coupled with a camp sensibility, gay liberation and drag.” 
Radical Faeries today embody a wide range of genders, sexual orientations, and identities. Many sanctuaries and gatherings are open to all, while some still focus on the particular spiritual experience of man-loving men co-creating temporary autonomous zones. Faerie sanctuaries adapt rural living and environmentally sustainable concepts to modern technologies as part of creative expression. Radical Faerie communities are generally inspired by indigenous, native or traditional spiritualities, especially those that incorporate genderqueer sensibilities.
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